Petroleum Abstracts Document Delivery Service (PADDS)


Petroleum Abstracts Document Delivery Service (PADDS) offers the best selection of full-text documents about petroleum exploration, production, transportation, and related health, safety, and environmental topics.

Through PADDS, you can purchase a copy of any document cited in the weekly Petroleum Abstracts Bulletin or PA's online databases for which the publisher has given permission to copy, including foreign-language sources.

Worldwide Coverage

PADDS has access to an extensive collection of documents of interest to the petroleum industry. Besides drawing on more than 300 international journals and other publications covered by Petroleum Abstracts, PADDS can access the vast holdings of The University of Tulsa's McFarlin Library. PADDS also can provide many documents cited in other databases. With over 50 years of experience serving the petroleum industry, PADDS can meet all your document delivery needs.

As a current-awareness service, PADDS will deliver tables of contents for most journals listed in PA's List of Publications Reviewed and in McFarlin Library's collection for an annual fee. Clients may then use these pages to select the articles they wish to order from PADDS. Table of contents delivery is available by email, mail or fax. Please contact PADDS for a price quote and to request this service.

Access Made Fast and Easy

PADDS specializes in quick delivery. More than 90% of all orders are shipped within 48 hours of order receipt. Quicker turnaround may be requested to meet your more urgent document needs.

When you order from PADDS, you can identify your document in a number of ways: by title and author, by Petroleum Abstracts accession number or by its patent, SPE or OTC number. Materials ordered from PADDS can be sent electronically as PDF documents, or by fax, mail, or express delivery – it's your choice. Just let us know how you want to receive your copies when you place your order.

Color Reprints

Many petroleum-related articles include color to enhance and clarify their technical presentation. At your request, PADDS will provide high-quality, full-color reproductions that capture all of the detailed information in your documents.


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