TULSA Database Online Vendors

Searching Petroleum Abstracts' database material online requires (1) payment of an annual PA search license fee, and (2) payment of an annual online access fee or search charges to an online service. An account with an online service is necessary to search the TULSA database.

The following online vendors provide Web-based search interfaces for searching TULSA. Please contact each vendor directly for its price and account information.


Petroleum Abstracts subscribers can search the full TULSA database through Dialog with flexible price options by paying either an annual site license fee for unlimited searching or transaction-based access for pay as you go. In addition to PA, Dialog carries numerous other scientific, technical, biomedical, business, dissertations and thesis, full text patents, and general-interest databases. Dialog Solutions is part of ProQuest LLC.


Petroleum Abstracts' TULSA database is available through the EBSCOhost© search tool for scientific and technical information. Payment of an annual PA search license fee plus an online access fee allows unlimited searching of TULSA. EBSCO also offers a suite of nearly 300 full-text and secondary research databases.

FIZ Karlsruhe/STN International

FIZ Karlsruhe - Leibniz-Insitut fur Informationsinfrastruktur GmbH provides access to the full TULSA database for PA subscribers who pay either an annual access fee or online search and retrieval charges. FIZ Karlsruhe carries other scientific and general databases and is a partner of STN International, which provides access to all databases from Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS).

Ovid Technologies

Payment of an annual online access fee provides unlimited access to TULSA database material on Ovid for PA search-license subscribers. Ovid carries many other science-related databases and journals, in addition to medical and pharmaceutical databases and information. Ovid is a subsidiary of Wolters Kluwer NV.

PA Discovery on AAPG/Datapages

AAPG/Datapages carries the PA Discovery database. PA Discovery contains all entries published in the Petroleum Abstracts Bulletin from 1961-present but does not include index terms. Subscribers to Petroleum Abstracts can pay an annual online fee for unlimited searching of PA Discovery. In addition to full-text AAPG publications material, AAPG/Datapages provides access to several geology-related professional journals.