Bulletin Formats and PAnet Services

Petroleum Abstracts E-Bulletin

Petroleum Abstracts Bulletin subscribers can choose email delivery of E-Bulletin coverage in HTML, PDF or XML format. The E-Bulletin includes an author and affiliation index and a list of publications covered in each issue. The PDF format replaced the formerly printed paper Bulletin version, and can be searched using the capabilities in Adobe Reader. The HTML Bulletin format can be quickly text searched using a Web browser's search/find function.

PA Bulletin material may be distributed to all subscriber employees and locations. A Bulletin subscription includes delivery of the Bulletin in one specified format. Subscribers can choose to receive one or more other formats for a small additional annual fee.

PAnet Bulletin

The PAnet Bulletin eliminates the author and affiliation index and publications covered information, leaving only the body of Bulletin information. This version is available in HTML format only. It also allows the subscriber to choose to receive the Bulletin categories in separate emails, for ease of distribution within a subscribing organization.

PAnet Profile

The PAnet Profile service provides tailored coverage of the worldwide E&P technical literature on a weekly basis, 50 weeks per year. PA subscribers can arrange to receive one or more PAnet Profiles at a small, additional annual cost.

Petroleum Abstracts will develop a special search profile to match your specified subject interests. Bulletin records that fit this profile will then be automatically selected and delivered by email to your desktop each week. This material is sent in HTML format.

PA ListServ

Utilizing any of the Bulletin formats, PA offers a ListServ option whereby PA assumes the task of distributing PA copies within the subscribing organization. The subscriber submits a list of employee email addresses along with the format required for each, and PA does the rest. Each week, each employee on the list receives a customized Bulletin, which includes auto-fill links to Petroleum Abstracts Document Delivery Service (PADDS).