Petroleum Abstracts is the world's leading information source for published scientific and technical knowledge related to oil and gas exploration and production (E&P).

What makes PA the best choice for E&P information?

Founded in 1961, Petroleum Abstracts today is the oil and gas industry's preeminent information resource for coverage of E&P-related scientific and technical knowledge. PA lets you find and sort through E&P-related material from around the world. It helps you locate the information you need, quickly and conveniently.

TULSA Database

Growing at the rate of about 40,000 entries per year, the online TULSA database contains more than 1.2 million entries dating from 1965 to the present. The database is updated with Petroleum Abstracts coverage weekly. TULSA includes precise, consistent and comprehensive indexing, so you can find the exact information you need.

Other PA Resources

The BRICKS Online Search Aids offer a Web-based guide to PA's extensive, controlled-vocabulary thesaurus of index terms. Other PA products and services help our subscribers search for and find relevant E&P information.

Petroleum Abstracts Bulletin

The PA Bulletin gives you a concise, convenient overview of published E&P information. Containing about 800 items each week, the Bulletin is delivered by e-mail 50 weeks per year. It can be posted on a subscriber's internal network for access throughout a subscribing company or organization.

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Did you know...

In addition to drawing on publications covered by Petroleum Abstracts, PADDS can supply copies of documents from the vast literature holdings at The University of Tulsa's McFarlin Library.