TULSA® Database


The online TULSA database is the world's leading information source for published scientific and technical information directly related to oil and gas exploration and production (E&P).

TULSA contains more than 1.5 million entries, growing at the rate of about 40,000 entries per year. Information coverage published in the Petroleum Abstracts Bulletin is added to the database weekly.

TULSA can be accessed through several online vendor services. A Petroleum Abstracts search license subscription and an arrangement with at least one online vendor are required to search the database. Most PA subscribers search TULSA by paying an annual online access fee, which allows for unlimited searching.

A typical TULSA database record includes the title, author(s) and organization affiliation(s) or inventor(s) and patent assignee, publication source, language and document type of the item covered, as well as a one-paragraph abstract of the material and a unique Petroleum Abstracts accession number. Most online vendor search interfaces offer the option of displaying PA indexing for a retrieved item.


Specialists at PA select material for coverage, then index entries in TULSA using a controlled vocabulary of index terms. That provides precise, consistent and comprehensive indexing of related concepts, helping you find the exact information you need. PA's thesauri of index terms have become an industry-standard taxonomy for E&P concepts.

To assist searchers in pinpointing relevant information online, PA offers the BRICKS Online Search Aids. BRICKS is a comprehensive, Web-based search aids package that allows subscribers to access PA's extensive controlled-vocabulary indexing thesauri.

Training workshops and online training tools provided by PA explain the indexing vocabulary and demonstrate effective TULSA search methods.