BRICKS Online Search Aids



The BRICKS Online Search Aids are a Web-based guide to the controlled-vocabulary indexing used in PA's TULSA database. Under development for more than 40 years, this indexing vocabulary is a world standard for upstream scientific and technical terminology.

Access to BRICKS is available to Petroleum Abstracts subscribers for an annual fee, on either an individual or companywide basis. PA subscribers can request a subscription to BRICKS by using this contact form. The online BRICKS Users Guide (pdf) provides a complete description of the taxonomy tool and instructions for its use.

BRICKS offers a guide to the index terms that can be used to search TULSA. Searchers can use the look-up feature in BRICKS to identify a valid index term, then use expand features to see full information on each term. That information includes links to related terms and a count of how often each index term has been used in TULSA.

When new terms are selected for inclusion into the indexing vocabulary, BRICKS is immediately updated, assuring that it is always up-to-date.

BRICKS Components

Exploration and Production Thesaurus: A compilation of relevant E&P technical index terms and their relationships, covering the categories outlined in the Petroleum Abstracts Bulletin.

E&P Thesaurus Supplement: Lists of the names of chemicals and companies included or referenced in Petroleum Abstracts coverage.

Geographic Thesaurus: A listing of sedimentary basins, geologic and geographic features and geographic area terms and their relationships.

Geographic Thesaurus Supplement: A compilation of names of formations, groups, series, oil fields, anticlines, faults, counties and similar terms not included in the Geographic Thesaurus proper.

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